All of our tailoring product are handcrafted by a team of experienced craftsmen from our in-house workshop. Our style has always been inspired by Italy, combining the neatness of Florentine and lightness of Neapolitan, to create a model classic menswear look.


Style breakdown

Spalla Camicia (Shirt Shoulder): Our jackets feature soft, unpadded shirt shoulders with slight natural extension and a larger sleevehead to emphasise a more masculine silhouette. For a more formal look, we are also able to do the natural shoulders upon request.

Notch Lapel: Our generous notched lapels, with a lightly lowered, curved gorge.

Buttonholes: Our buttonholes are completely made by hand and our lapels are finished with fine handsewn Milanese buttonholes

Sleeves: Higher, enlarged and egg-shaped armhole, allow a better movement to the wearer.

Chest pocket: Our chest pockets are in barchetta style (aka boat shaped pocket), which is a gently curved pocket.

Button stance: The 3-roll-2 form is our default button stance with our signature curve from lapels to quarters.

Quarter: Our quarter are rounded and opened. To elongates the upper body without shortening the leg line.

Trousers: Our default is a mid-high rised waist, with single-pleated trousers. To provide a illusion of elongated legs. Featuring pick-stitching along the trouser.